For more than 25 years Birket Engineering has provided control panel design and fabrication services. Our equipment may be found in Canada, Spain, Belgium, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Mexico and throughout the United States. Our equipment is used in the material handling, gas, chemical, building automation, aviation and entertainment industries.

Birket employees about 40 full-time persons worldwide, about ½ of which are degreed engineers (four are licensed professional engineers). About ½ of this number have been with the company for over 20 years. In addition, the company has on-going relationships with contractor specialists who augment our staff as projects require. In-house logistics and shipping specialists maximize global delivery opportunities.

Global Presence

Our staff in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and the United States together with our broad international project base give us the ability to find the best solutions, taking advantage of the resources the world has to offer.

Together with its Orlando-based headquarters, Birket Engineering owns majority interest in ITM@tion, a Hong Kong-based control engineering company. This partnership provides for a great depth of engineering and design talent. US and Asian production partners allow for pricing efficiencies not available elsewhere.

Longevity & Continuous Ownership

Rare is the company that can claim the business longevity and continuity of ownership enjoyed by Birket Engineering. Many of our earliest customers have had their systems serviced by Birket for more than 20 years, and have gone on to have us provide upgrades and new equipment over and over.  Our company is  anchored in the goodwill and trust produced by these relationships.

Rockwell – Strategic Solutions Provider
Siemens – Preferred System Integrator and Certified Solutions Provider (ITM@tion).
Iconics – Preferred Solutions Provider
Control Systems Integrator Association – Certified Member